White Rice Vs. Brown Rice

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White Rice Vs. Brown Rice - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Brown rice has all the fiber of the whole grain. Sso a smaller portion is going to fill you up, it is going to bind water in your stomach, and it is going to stay with you longer. White rice does not have the fiber. And so, all of us have gone to a Thai restaurant, where you get this big bowl of white rice. And you can eat a lot of it and not be full. A portion of rice, whether it is white or brown, is a third of a cup for about 100 calories. So a cup of rice is about the size of a baseball or a small fist. That is three servings of grain. So which is going to fill you up more? Three servings of white, without the fiber that does not bind water and grow in your stomach? Or, the brown rice, that has the fiber that is going to expand in your stomach and fill you up? So I always recommend to my clients, choose brown rice over the white, especially if you are trying to lose weight, because you want to be full for longer. The brown rice, of course, is going to have a higher nutritional value.