Balloon Art: How to Make Pig?

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Balloon Art: How to Make Pig? - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I would like to show you now my version of a pig. You would be surprised how popular pigs are. I get a lot of requests for them, especially after I have made one. Now this design I created is based on a design by Don Caldwell, and his version of a panda. I modified it to create the pig. So what you want to do is, you want to start with a pinch twist, just like that, which is just doubling the balloon over on itself. You are going to do that again. It is much like a cat I made on another video. So you have that just like this Now you want to grab another pink 260 and insert some air in there. It really does not matter, you do not have to put a whole lot. Maybe four or five tail. We are not going to use the whole thing. Now we are going to use a new technique called the tulip twist. What you want to do is take your index finger and push it, push on the knot through the balloon right in the middle and then grab the knot through the balloon with your other hand. Pull your fingers out like that, oops, try that again. Push it in, pull it out and then twist while holding the knot through the balloon. So this is going to make the pig nose just like that. So you go back to your other balloon. Now we are going to make the pig head. We are going to make a cheek, an ear is going to be another pinch twist, like that. We are going to make the top of the head, just a small bubble and then another ear. Pull and twist and make another pinch twist And now we are going to make, you want to make the other cheek which is the same size as this one here, so give that a twist. Now we are going to take that nose that we made, that pig snout, and put it in between the two cheeks and then twist the bottom of that cheek into the neck, just like that, and then you have the pig head. Now what we are going to do is, we are going to take the balloon, this balloon, and we are going to make two bubbles just like this, just like that, and twist the second bubble also into the neck. Just like that. Then, we are going to take this balloon and we are going to make the back of the head. Start making a bubble and then twist that into the neck as well. The neck is kind of the Grand Central Station for this balloon. Everything gets twisted into there. So now we do not need the rest of this balloon, this one balloon. So we can get rid of it. You can either break it off or if you have a pair of scissors you can cut it off and tie just like that. And then trim it off, just like this. So now what you want to do is you want to turn the pig so that the two twists that you made are facing front to back, just like this. Now we are going to make the front and back legs. This is the front leg on one side and then, whoop, then that will be the back leg on the front, on one side. And then another bubble for the back leg. And then, whoop, just like that, the front leg. And then you twist that into the neck as well, just like that, and then you can cut off the rest of this balloon. Give it a tie just to make sure it does not lose air and trim. And then what you want to do is get a sharpie, a black sharpie or an Expo dry erase marker and you want to draw two tiny, little eyes just like that and you have a cute little pig. Now as an added bonus, what is really cool about this design is that if you take a coin, I have a quarter here, or some type of coin here, here is a quarter my pocket. You take this and you push it in between, you can do that from the front, too, so you can see. Just push it into his belly from the side underneath, he will actually stand up on a table just like that. And he is freestanding, just like that. So that is how I make my pig and I hope you enjoy it.