How to Make Dashi

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How to Make Dashi - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Today we are making dashi and dashi is really important for Japanese cooking. Everything starts with dashi. Basically it is a stock. Usually it is made from konbu seaweed and bonito flakes. Sometimes we use dried anchovies or dried shitake mushroom but today I want to show you the basic konbu and bonito flake dashi. Now this is kombu kelp and what I did was just soaked in cold water for three hours. You can soak this overnight in a fridge too. This has been soaking for three hours. These are bonito flakes. You know, bonito flakes comes in different shapes and sizes depending on the purpose. This coarse one is especially made for making dashi. But if you do not make dashi every day, I suggest you buy this type or in a little package like this so you do not waste any of it and do not have to worry about shelf life. So let's start! All you do is just pour this right in the pot, whole thing, and turn on the heat. Kompu is a very flavorful and rich in taste, but once the water starts to boil, it starts to release some strong aroma, and for dashi we do not want that. We want dashi to be clean and crisp in taste. So we are going to fish the kompu out before it starts to boil. Ok, so this is almost to the boiling point. You see the bubbles are on the edges, and that is a sign. So I am going to take the kompu right out and turn off the heat. Now you are going to put one whole package of this: bonito flakes, like so, and let it steep for at least five minutes. Five to ten minutes. This has been steeping for ten minutes. I am going to strain this over a strainer, like so. Then we have a beautiful konbu and bonito flake dashi.