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    Balloon Art: How to Make a Dragon?

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Balloon Art: How to Make Dragon? - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

    How about a dragon? This is probably one of the favorite ones of the boys, whenever I do boys. I like a red dragon. And we are going to make ours' with a tail about one inch on the end there. You can use your own head as a measuring gauge because normally if you are going to make it for a child or something like that, unless you have a really big head, you can either go about it an inch or so, one way or the other.

    Make a loop. Then we are going to make an ear twist, right there, and then tie in that knot so that it looks prettier there. So we will basically have two bubbles and a stick. Seems pretty simple so far. We are going to twirl the tail at this point. To twirl the tail when you are grasping on both sides, take our thumbs and put them together and just give it a little pressure in between the thumbs and it gives it a little twirl, just like that. There is a nice twirl. Want me to do that again? Take the thumbs, put them in there and twirl.

    Second red balloon. This one we are going to leave about three inches of the end. And believe it or not, in this one, we are actually going to use the knot as part of the art of this creation. You are going to make a one inch bubble, so it is going to be the chin. We are going to make a pinch twist, right there. Make a second pinch twist about an inch, half an inch in size. You are going to make two pinch twists like that. You are going to make a small loop, this loops going to be about two, two and a half inches. So we have a loop, pinch twist, pinch twist and a bubble with a knot hanging out. It does not look like much right now but that is actually the nose.

    We are going to go about four or five inches across here, make another pinch twist. And now you can see the nose, the jaw and where the ears are going to go. For the ears we are going to bend one side like that, bend on that side like that, split between the two of them. It is a lot smaller bend than some of the other stuff that we have done. So now those are the ears, the top of the head, nose, and the length of the neck. Now we will put a gentle curve in there. Now what we are going to do is we are going to switch to a different type of balloon.

    This is a one-sixty, that means it is one inch around and sixty inches long. All the rest of the balloons we've been using are two-sixty. Two inches around and sixty inches. A little bit different texture, a little bit different sizing. This one we are going to leave about three to four inch tail there. Divide it right where the air is, in half. And this is an interesting maneuver here. We are actually going to wrap and push the air out of this, going in to this end of the balloon, to create like a little lasso. So we are going to go about one inch down, leaving the balloon along here, a little difficult to see but when I leave the balloon along there and then twist it on top. That is going to leave the air going through the center of the balloon still, though it is attached. Now this is going to become the horns and the horns and the brow.

    Now it is going to come up over the pinch twist that we did before and to the ears, and it gets all twisted together. So now you have the ear, the brow, and the horns, and the snout and the neck. I like to do a little pressure on there. that gives the horns a nice, little look. We are going to trim off the tops of the horns. One horn up here, trim. And the part with the knot we will trim. That is pretty much a head, right there. Going to the other end, where the neck is, we are going to make a one inch bubble. Attach it onto the body and the tail. One more one inch bubble, you have two bubbles, it gives it more stability than having just one bubble. That becomes the neck and the head. We still got a little bit more to go but you probably already see it looking like a dragon.

    We are going to stress the end of a balloon. Two-sixty balloon. And force the air down in there. It went there first, but we want it right there, because we only need like a one inch ball. That one inch ball is going to get inserted here. Making for a really cool looking dragon eye. Now you can stop here, however, we are going to super-size this, we are going to put some wings on it. Using two black, one-sixty balloons, similar to what we used on top of the brow and the horns. These are going to be inflated all the way up till one inch on the end, on both of them. Now what I like to do, I like to take the knotted end and the unknotted end and tie them together and then the same thing on the other side here. Which is going to give us a huge loop. Looks something like this. It is kind of like Mick Jagger in concert.

    And what you are going to do is you are going to take this extra piece here and wrap it up and around the double knots we had earlier at the chest. Bringing this portion up and over the top, we are going to go over the the tail portion and that two knots or two bubbles. We are going to bring that up through there. All the excess of the knots and stuff we are just going to kind of wrap it up in there to make it look pretty. That is going to give you some pretty impressive wings. They kind of look like butterfly wings right now. We want them to look like dragon wings. So with a bend in there, a bend out there, a bend on the end, we get kind of a dragon formation. Same thing on the other side. We want to keep them as symmetrical as you can. And then to really dress this up, we are going to give it those bat winged looks. And on the other side, same. Going on opposite ends of the balloons to create the zig zag pattern. Final notes. Eyeball. Eyeball. Mouth. You got the muzzle. And what you got is a pretty cool looking dragon.