Balloon Art: How to Make Cat?

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Balloon Art: How to Make Cat? - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. A lot of times I get a request for a cat and I would like to show you how I make a cat. I always make them pink and you will see why in a second. What I do is inflate it to about five inches, with about that much of a tail, and tie off the balloon. We are going to make a pinch twist. Make a small bubble, pull the knot and twist the knot behind the twist. Do the same thing, make a small bubble and then pull up on the bubble and make a twist, so you have a pair of fish lips, just like that. Then what you want to do is make another small bubble, and then another pinch twist. Twist the bubble back on itself just like that. So this is going to be the neck of the cat. Then you want to make about a five foot long front leg, another five foot long front leg. Twist it around just like that, a small body. Then another pinch twist, this is going to lock in the back legs. Then make the nice long back legs and twist that into that pinch twist. There you have the kitty cat's body. Now you have a little bit of tail here left. What you want to do is squeeze the balloon, but also bend it down. Bend it while you are squeezing, so you get a nice shape to that tail, it is more interesting that way, add a little shape to the tail. Then what you want to do is grab a cat faced heart. You can get these online if you type in a Google search just type in cat face balloon heart, and I am sure you will be able to find it. Give it a blow, and that is what they look like. You want to tie off, and you just twist this into the neck. A lot of times I do not let them see the cat face, like I am doing now. Just so it is more presentationally interesting. Then I turn the cat face around just like that and then you have a very simple yet very desirable kitty cat balloon.