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    Balloon Art: How to Make a Princess Crown?

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    by Geo Beats

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    Balloon Art: How to Make Princess Crown? - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. I think maybe we should do something for the little princess in your life. So we are going to do a braided crown. I blow the balloons up to approximately two to three inches from the end and I need three of them. Now for demonstration purposes, I would like to do them in different colors or shades, I should say. So we got three different shades of pink. Three pink balloons. All the ends are approximately the same size. And now we go to work on them. Take the two of them and tie them together at their knots. This is the end. That is the knot. The end, knot. The other one, we are going to put a little bubble in it. We are going to tie it onto itself on the bubble. So now that bubble is going to go right in between the two balloons that we tied together earlier. Just going to leave this kind of strange triad arrangement. Now for braiding, it is going to be very similar to braiding a child's hair. Bring one around this way and one around this way and around and around and around and you want to give it a little squeeze as you go along every once in a while. And you are going to braid it until you get pretty much to the end there. Twist all three of them together there. Holds the whole shape together. Now you are going to take it and give it a kind of karate chop like this. You do not really have to do that. And then take it where the ball was or the bubble. Twist it onto itself and it is going to leave you with three little tails there. Push a little bit of air into those, kind of like milking a cow, kinda go like here and you are going to force the air, pssh and it is going to kind of pop it up there. One more time. Just like that. I know it does not look like I am doing it like that but I am. Push comes from the bottom with the little finger. And that forces the air in there. And that makes for a beautiful princess crown.