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    Comedy Show Jay Hind! Episode 24 : Naxal Rap


    by JayHind

    Sumeet raps the Naxals where it hurts. An expose of the real reasons for the spread of Naxals in the forest belts of India. Once you have seen this episode you will never look at Naxals in the same way again :) And the Commies look like they are all living it up. 24 Karat Stand-up Comedy.!!! Plus Shiva Sena's loss in the Maharashtra Elections, More on the EVM conspiracy, Savita bhabhi's solution for the Truckers of india and one of the best Boothnaths of all time on Shashi Tharoor's suggestion to work on Gandhi jayanti. Do not miss the last segment!!! Segment 1 : Naxal Theme Song Jay Hind! digs out a secret Naxal Video Tape of their cult Rap Theme. Look how they live it up in the jungles!!!! Segment 2: Assortment of Idiots Sumeet's take on Shiv Sena's debacle in the recent elections, BJP's EVM conspiracy, Indonesian pornstar Maria Ozawa and why she might be Indian, Bill Clinton on Indo China relations and the new Meerut Airport. Quality Material for a hilarious segment :))) Segment 3: Savita bhabhi ke Sexy Solutions (Truck Drivers & Pressure) This time Savita looks into the problems faced by her trucker fans. It seems tyre pressure is a big issue with them. Savita with a pink turner in her hand explains why tyres are like hot girls. Naughty and as usual very very funny. Segment 4 : Boothnath on Gandhi Jayanti Shashi Tharoor recently suggested that we should abolish the national holiday on Gandhiji's Birth anniversary and instead work with more fervour on Gandhi Jayanti. This from a man known to tweet about being overworked :))) Look what people have to say about his views on the Gandhi Jayanti!!! Brilliantly satirical - this Boothnath will keep you in splits.