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    Comedy Show Jay Hind! Episode 21 : Full On Indian Comedy


    by JayHind

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    This episode is really really Full On! The fun starts at the disclaimer itself. From the idiots in Parliament to the madness called cricket and its coverage and finally Savita bhabhi - there is so much masala and animation that we could possibly make a mini film out of it. Quintessential jay Hind! With a rocknrolla final segment which features the new hairstyles of Harsha Bhogle and Savita bhabhi's solution to the Shortage problem. She does better than the emails - really!! Do not miss this segment and definitely not this episode! Segment 1 : Politicians Can't Dance Saala Why are politicians of every party interested in banning bars and nightclubs? is it because they can't dance too well? Sumeet investigates and finds....may be there is some hidden talent here...HILARIOUS footage of Manmohan Singh's dancing plus Advani, Rahul baba etc. Segment 2: Santa Banta demand Ban All Protests Sumeet rips into all the idiot protesters of our country. Who protest anything and everything. And suddenly a gang of Tribals storm the set with their own set of demands. Crazy, weird and very funny stuff. Segment 3: Somalia Pirate Scam Sumeet researches the Somalian Pirate issue and finds there is something fishy about these africans as some kind of mercenary terrorists! Weren't they starving till recently? Very FUNNY. Terrific satire on Western Hypocrisy especially the UN. Segment 4 : Harsha Bhogle & Savita bhabhi Let Their Hair Down (separate harsha segment Harsha Bhogle Sings Weave Will Weave Will Rock You No no, Savita bhabhi is not having a scene with Harsha Bhogle. Harsha is too busy with his hair and future cosmetic improvements to his body and Savita is ready with a solution to the Shortage problem. No - not the solution to Harsha's hair shortage problem. The Real Shortage for you. At least you know that much!!! Don't Miss! A power packed end to a laugh riot episode.