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    John Galea - "Faded Popstar"


    by MusicDishTV

    John Galea’s video “Faded Popstar” is so cool and creative that it will remind you why they began making music videos in the first place. With the use of animation, pictures, photos, and moving pictures, Galea gets his point across to mediocre musicians very nicely: You might be popular right now, but if you’re not the real thing and your songs always sound like someone else’s, you’ll fade away from musical memory sooner rather than later. The song is adorable, lyrically astute, and absolutely true. Galea has a great voice and gives a great vocal performance on this upbeat and catchy track. “Faded Popstar” has a very nice beat and the piano playing is great. The song has a very original sound, and it’s clear that Galea is not throwing rocks while living in a glass house with this track. This is one artist whose talent is not debatable, and pop music lovers, as well as anyone who loves to hear good music with a story behind it will love having “Faded Popstar” in their collection.