Studio Guest Jörg Fritz from Berlin's Museum of Natural History

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>>DW-TV: Jörg Fritz, How much damage could a space rock of a small size do?

Jörg Fritz: Well, a rock of a small size wouldn't do too much damage unless it just falls on your head, or on your car - but if you had it on your car, maybe, the price of your car would increase, actually.

It's a valuable little rock! What else can you tell us about it? There are different kinds of meteorites, I understand, with different make-ups.

Yes, we have a broad collection of different asteroids, which are in the asteroid belt. And this small piece is an iron meteorite - it's the core of an asteroid that had formally been about 200 kilometers in diameter. And in order to get a piece of the center of this asteroid, you have to destroy it by great collisions and break this body into pieces.

Now, meteorites have played a pretty decisive role in the development of life. A generally accepted theory is that the dinosaurs, for example, were wiped out by a huge meteor strike 65 million years ago. Is th
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