Isham Jones & His Orchestra - Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia


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This yet another exquisite performance by this band. Isham Jones (1894-1956) formed at the age of 20 his own orchestra in Michigan. In 1923, he took his band to London where he played at the Kit-Cat Club and he is said to have been one of the first to take jazz to Europe. Prior to that tour, he had played at the Lincoln, McAlpin and Commodore hotels in New York City. Jones wrote more than 200 songs, of which 40 or more became hits! One of the last bands led by Jones in 1936 was known as the Isham Jones Juniors. The group recorded for Decca and later became the first band led by Woody Herman. The coming of swing and stylized bands gradually discouraged Jones, and during the last years of his life he decided to concentrate on writing songs. This hot song was recorded in 1932. The vocal is by Eddie Stone.

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Thanks a lot for your appreciation, Jack!
Par kspm0220s en novembre
Excellent particularly the editing..great music
Par Jack Purvis en novembre
So glad you loved the sheet music, Lou; I know Isham Jones' ballads are exceptionally beautiful, but as I shared a lot of them already, for a change I chose this one.
Par kspm0220s il y a 3 ans
Patrick,what a nice awry of Isham Jones sheet music. I always prefer the Isham Jones "love Ballads".
Par Lou il y a 3 ans
Thank you Ginny! So glad you enjoyed it! I agree this is rater a hot than a gentle man :-)
Par kspm0220s il y a 3 ans
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