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    Commentary: Sonicfags and Dalmatianfags do not mix!


    by Patch93


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    Great commentary Patch =D

    Though because im subscribed to Bwrosas.I actually got to see more stupid shit from him.

    He burned the last 4 episodes of sonic satam DVD and was giving it away to people online.

    He complained about being blocked on a sonic comic website

    I dont know if you know this part but he made TONS of amvs of sonic the hedgehog and disney shows -_-

    He made videos adressing sonics love interests in the sonic comic(Archie) universe and made a lot of videos on sally acorn.

    So ya.I just wanted to inform you about that in case you didnt know :P

    Simple term:Bwrosas is fucked up
    By DarkWaveWolvius4 years ago