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    Dharmendra Launch YUMMY CHEF “Heat and Eat”


    by H.S.Communication

    Special guests of the national and international Indian media gathered to be formally introduced to the YUMMY CHEF brand for the first time by Bollywood legend and international superstar Dharmendra, who is the endorser and brand ambassador for this “heat and eat” gourmet line of Indian vegetarian products.
    He proudly introduced the new line of YUMMY CHEF packaged dishes to the media, explaining that YUMMY CHEF is not just another “me too” product, but rather a top-quality, exclusive product for those seeking the largest selection of exotic North Indian dishes.
    According to Dharmendra, these yummy Chef products are for everyone, for any occasion, any event, for any number of family and friends – Just heat and serve – you will have a wonderful meal!
    Being personally involved in the concept, Dharmendra explained that each dish could be ready in less than five minutes. Consumers no longer have to spend hours in the kitchen to enjoy home-style gourmet meals. Dharmendra smiled to the audience and said, “The first YUMMY CHEF must-taste recipe is Dal Makhani, followed by the decadent Moong dal halwa dessert. With 19 different brilliantly flavored and exotic varieties – including dessert – you can make a different combination every time, and never get bored. I invite you to try YUMMY CHEF – you’ll love it, as you love me always.” In this press conference YUMMY CHEF president Dinesh Maheshweary, Kohinoor food MD Gurnaam Singh and Trilok Malik were also present.
    YUMMY CHEF’s vegetable and dessert choices continue to grow. The product line is already receiving acclaim from Indian cuisine culinary experts and enthusiasts. YUMMY CHEF’s commitment to its customers focuses on fresh, aromatic and flavorful products sourced from premium local growers.
    The products have been recently launched in the USA and are available at local grocers and via the YUMMY CHEF e-shop on the company’s website.