Our Studio Guest: Harald L. Schedl

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from Simon Kucher & Partners. He speaks with us about mid-sized firms.PART 1:

DW-TV: And I am joined now by Harald Schedl, Managing Partner of consulting firm Simon-Kucher and Partners, and you also work with many small and medium sized companies. You consult them, give them advice. What would be your advice for an innovative company like RENA?

Harald Schedl: At the moment, continue innovation, of course, and expand internationally. Lots of their business is in the solar industry, and this is becoming increasingly an international and global business, so they are already quite international for their size but they have to increase their presence in the world.

DW-TV: That means they would have to do what other big groups have done already, like Siemens, outsource production to countries like China? Because the big thing about RENA so far has been that they could stay in Germany in a small little region.

Harald Schedl: I would not recommend them to outsource their production to Ch
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Producer : Deutsche Welle