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    Unique Electronic Music Gift or gifts Great For Family Fun (G3)Holiday birthday ideas for DJs boys, girls kids Los angeles CA NY


    by elocsports

    138 views Beamz - an unusual and unique gift idea that is perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Fathers day, Barmitvahs, and just about any special occasion. Kids will enjoy hours of fun and learning, teens and tweens will think it’s the coolest electronic music gadget they’ve ever seen, and young adults will rock out for hours with their friends and at parties playing their favorite music. As opposed to “pushing buttons” to play games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, or other video games, or just singing with karaoke, now anyone can take their musical experience to an entirely new level. And it’s easy - you can play hundreds of instruments and songs in all styles, from classics to current hits, in a matter of minutes. You can also record, save and share your performances to show off your music mixes. Buy Beamz now at and Play The Light!