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LMAO u all talkin bout next manz being cowards. You the fukin cowards. Sitting on the corner talkin shyt. As much as you hate the crackas y dont u strap up then pussies. Ur just like the ur forefathers straight pussies talkin shyt. Never protecting ur prophets and going against them. All talk no balls. Those fukin towelheads got balls while u niggas from yaaard who grew up in canada are straight bitches. I know bout the west indies too. Yall were the cream of ur country before u came here. You left the political violence. Remeber how many niggas were killin each other for those two crackas in jamaica. Before u talk bout next mans look at ur own israelite history. WEEEEAAAAKKKK and not loyal even to ur own prophets. Your a product of the illuminati like the nation of islam but u niggas are too simple to realize it. Crackas fund you and ur weak fake movement. Reading the king james bible that a faghit cracka wrote for another faghit cracka. Real brothas can see the fraud in u fukindevil
By FukYahawashai 3 years ago