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    Picking Art for Kitchen

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Picking Art for Kitchen - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Question that I get a lot from clients and people is: How do I incorporate art in my kitchen? I like that concept of having art everywhere, especially for me everything is game. Every room in a house is game for art and you want to have art in your kitchen. Why not? I mean it should be a playful space. A kitchen is a place for gathering families, a place to hang out, it also engages the mind. You are talking to you are kids or your talking to your partner and you are looking at a beautiful piece of art. You are having your meal, you are having your wine. So for example here is a great painting. This is a still life and it is called a still life because it is a portrait of objects. It is not really human beings what is here and I think it is fun to have all these colors. I think it is interesting when you are having a beautiful meal to feel related to things here that you may be enjoying as well. I like the punch of the different combinations of food, and I am a foodie too, I love to drink and eat. So, like, when I see this I get excited and in the mood. One other thing for example is this cookie jar which is a very cool object to have. It is a piece of art. It is an addition, and, you know, you take his head off and it is the cookie jar inside and this compliments any design. If you want to go into more contemporary, more playful kind of of thing, I understand too that this might be a little bit too much for certain people, but I also know that the thing moms who have kids, and like want to have a piece of cool and funky art in their kitchens, they can use this. It is very affordable, the color is nice, it brings a punch and it has everything to make a room come together and fun and alive. So those are little tips for people to incorporate some art in their kitchens and feel more inspired to have a great meal.