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    Frozen Yogurt Vs. Ice Cream - Nutrition Tips

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Frozen Yogurt Vs. Ice Cream - Nutrition Tips - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Frozen yogurt, ice-cream, I am going to add one more; gelato. So you have a continuum here and part of this is that the dairy industry has decided that yogurt is a diet food, I am not sure where that came from, but apparently that is true. So there has been there has been this push towards, well, if ice-cream is high in fat and yogurt is low in fat then yogurt must be healthier. The problem with that is that when you start taking fat out of a dairy product you have got to put something in it to give what is called in the industry "mouth feel", so it makes it feel creamy in your mouth and satisfying. The other thing that happens is that the sugar content increases. In fact frozen yogurt can be a lot higher in sugar. It may be low fat but you are ending up with a lot more of the damaged proteins because of the way that fat is pulled out of milk. Ice-cream on the other hand can be actually really much more satisfying. You will end up eating less because of the fat content. The fat content is what is going to trigger satiety in your meal but also in your dessert. You can take that even one step further and go to gelato. In the middle there is the ice cream and that is generally made with a 2% milk or a whole milk. When you are looking at gelato you are looking at cream. So that is why those little you go when you get those little tinny tiny scoops. That is because you do not need more than that. The more you move up you will see the sizes get huge. So you have got a scoop of ice cream but then you go and you have the self serve frozen yogurt so that you can put three tones of toppings on and you take it up and you have it weighed and you say, ‘oh my God, I did not know I spent $12 on this one single serving.’ So, be careful with this idea that we get in our heads that 'Well, it is low calorie. I will have more.' because it may not actually be to your benefit. You may actually be getting a lot more calorically and sugar wise the more you go in that direction rather than just really indulging and going for high quality organic, grass-fed cows, homemade gelato on the other hand and it is going to be really satisfying. You are going to really feel like you are indulging. It is almost like the ice-cream version of butter. But get what you are looking for. Get what your little four-year old is actually asking for and I will bet you it is the flavor, it is the feeling of indulgence. It is not quantity, it is quality.