Common Overeating Triggers - Nutrition Tips

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Common Overeating Triggers - Nutrition Tips - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. A number of overeating triggers that people come to me with and sometimes they sneak up on you. One of the ones that is really key and I see a lot is this idea of boredom. We tend to also seek out comfort in the form of food, and that is very normal, it is very natural. If you think about this, when you were an infant and you cried, when the diaper was dry, what was the next thing that happened? Somebody gave you a bottle and so we have associated way, way back early the idea of comfort and something in your mouth, food, to drink, something that is happening here. So you have had a rough day. You just got off the phone, and you got hung up on after being on hold for another forty five minutes. There things that we need to do to comfort ourselves, and as adults one of the key things is we use for food and drink. So it is very normal, do not beat yourself up for it, but start to be aware of it. I think one of these key things about these triggers is about being aware. Being aware that you are bored is important, okay I am bored, what can I do? What is a substitute? what is a do that I can input there instead of an eat. Another one that is a big trigger is being unaware, being asleep, asleep at the wheel essentially. You are doing something else, you are working on the computer, you are watching T.V. and this hand to mouth thing just keeps happening. Just keeps happening, then all of a sudden, wow, where did the bowl of popcorn go? It just disappeared. Well actually disappeared in here. So that unawareness thing, that T.V. can be a big problem for that. I would say one of the key things you can do with those two pieces, is when you sit down at the table, do nothing but eat when you eat. Do not read the paper, do not work on the computer or watch T.V. Have a conversation with the person across the table from you, but really pay attention to what you are eating. Another key trigger is really getting to the end of the day and again it is really that 'I am tired' thing. Finding ways to institute a 'do'. Often times I say that, put a 'do' in place, because often times it is that part of you, that little kid part of you, that is looking for something to 'do' that is fun. What is something you can do that would give you that same kind of sort of satisfaction? Maybe it is a walk with the dog, maybe it is go to the park with the kids. Maybe, who knows maybe it is going and siting and watching your favorite movie. Make sure when you are watching your movie that that is what you are doing. So you are really paying attention to that and getting the satisfaction out of that as well.