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    Eating Out and Managing Your Diet - Nutrition Tips

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Eating Out and Managing Your Diet - Nutrition Tips - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

    Here in American we have really busy lifestyles, at least in our generation. My parents, we still were able to have mom at home for a while with the kids and there was a lot of home cooking, we had a garden, we ate out of the garden, it is hard to do that now. Now we need two incomes. So a lot of the questions that I get is I really want to take care of my family, I really want everyone to eat healthy. I get home at 6:00 o'clock, the kids get home from their sports practice, my spouse gets home from work as well about the same time, how do we feed everybody without running by a fast food joint to get everybody dealt with? So here are some tips.

    One is, you are going to have at least one day of the week where you are not going to be completely overwhelmed, do some cooking, involve the kids, kids love to cook, it is like Chemistry, they get to play in the kitchen and make a mess, really fun. One of the things that I do is buy the family pack. Buy the family pack, buy things in bulk. For instance if you are getting chicken, get 12 pieces, cook them all on the barbecue or bake them all, way more than you are going to need in one sitting. But now you have got maybe two more meals depending on how many people you are feeding, two more meals of the proteins are already cooked, you are all ready to go, it is in the fridge so it is a quick grab and go.

    Vegetables are very fast. So if you want to add in a vegetable for that meal when you get home all you have to do is throw a salad together. Quick, easy. You do not really need the starchy part. If you want to add the starchy part you can, but if you are really focusing on getting the healthy protein, the healthy vegetables in there, that is a really easy grab and go for a family that is really busy. When you are on the road or if you are out and you need to go to a business lunch and you are with a big group of people, when you are at that restaurant really easy ways to do some healthy eating is to essentially shop from the appetizer menu. Get an appetizer and a side salad, it will actually be cheaper too.

    Another way to do it is to split an entree with someone, again cheaper and because almost every restaurant out there gives you at least two servings, if not four, with their entree. You are going to come away a lot less over-stuffed and a lot less sleepy in the afternoon, right, because if you over-stuff yourself and particularly with that bread-basket you are going to get sleepy in a couple of hours because that jet-feel, that high laisim of carbohydrate is going to burn out really fast. So really look at your vegetables as being one of the key players. They are easy, they tend to be less expensive in that restaurant menu and in your grocery store and a high quality protein. Make sure that that has a little bit of good healthy fat so you are going to have salad dressing, you can have a sauce on your protein and just skip the bread basket, skip the baked potato, skip the pasta. You will do much better through out the course of your day if that is your lunch and you will also have a much better evening that is a lot easier to prepare for your family.