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    フィリップ・キルコロフ 『ストリングス』 (2010)

    susumu masuda

    susumu masuda より

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    Philip Kirkorov "Strings"

    Slowly, slowly melting moments
    Disappears time for me
    In every breath, every movement

    Defiant and elusive
    It pours music quiet, quiet
    Spillovers unique
    She plays for you

    On weary soul strings
    A quiet melody of love trembles
    On weary soul strings
    Inspection of gentle breathing

    On weary soul strings
    Silversmithing chords heart tells fortunes
    On weary soul strings
    Can not you hear?

    Intersect, intertwine
    The lines on the verge of two worlds
    Touch, are exempt
    From shackles

    I love her do not want to frighten
    Do not rush me, just with me either
    Soft as silk, my music
    She plays for you