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    Chinese Regime Tells Japan's New PM to Respect China's Key Interests


    by NTDTelevision

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    Even before the Japanese parliament confirmed the new Japanese prime minister, the Chinese regime was already sending him a clear message to respect China's key interests. Some included the regime's claim to the Senkaku or Diaoyu islands.

    On Monday Chinese authorities did not waste any time in warning the new Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda to respect the Chinese regime's key interests.

    According to Voice of America, the warning came immediately after Noda was selected as the new leader—that's one day before the Japanese parliament confirms him as Japan's new prime minister.

    State-controlled Xinhua news agency reported, Chinese leaders are calling on Noda to take definitive steps in fostering better Sino--Japan relations.

    The steps they recommend include, implementing a "proper" policy of reparation for Japan's World War Two crimes, and avoiding visits to the controversial Tokyo Yasukuni Shrine. Past visits to the shrine triggered protests because among the dead honored there are 14 convicted war criminals.

    Chinese authorities advised Noda's government to respect their territorial claim to the disputed islands—known to Japan as Senkaku and China as Diaoyu islands.

    State-run media reported Chinese authorities are ready to engage in joint exploration with Japan for natural resources in the surrounding seas. But, on the condition that Japan recognizes China's full sovereignty over the islands.

    China, Japan, and Taiwan all claim sovereignty over the islands—which are believed to hold huge oil and gas reserves.

    Sino--Japan territorial conflicts in the East China Sea have been ongoing. The two countries have barely recovered from clashes over a Chinese fishing ship running into a Japanese patrol vessel last year near Diaoyu islands.