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    Chinese TV Journalist Gets Drenched by 70-Foot-High Wave


    by NTDTelevision

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    A Chinese journalist gets too close to the story while reporting on a tropical storm in China's Zhejiang province. A 70-foot-high wave crashes down on her during her report of the tropical storm Nanmadol. Here's the story.

    A local television Chinese journalist—wanting to have the best position for her live piece-to-camera—finds herself drenched Tuesday as a 70-foot-high wave crashes down on her.

    The journalist—from Haining in China's Zhejiang province—was on site to report on the effects of the tropical storm, Nanmadol, at high tide. The site was at a local tourist spot famous for its spectacular waves.

    The journalist misjudged the full force of the waves and is soaked when a high wave crashes down behind her.

    Nanmadol hit China on Wednesday, coinciding with a high tide season.

    [Sun Yiyue, Local Park Manager]:
    "Every month in the lunar calendar, the first to the fifth day and the fifteenth to the twentieth days are high tide days in astronomy. Today coincides with the arrival of Nanmadol and, with the wind, the tide becomes even more spectacular."

    Nanmadol has left one person dead and a path of damage as it passes Taiwan.

    Local authorities have warned that the high tide coupled with Nanmadol could increase the risks of flooding in coastal regions.