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    Court Grants Bail to Businessman Carson Yeung for UK Trip


    by NTDTelevision

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    Is 4 days bail worth 1 million dollars? The owner of the Birmingham City English soccer team, Carson Yeung, thinks so. He was charged with money laundering in Hong Kong. Now, Carson Yeung has been granted a 1 million dollar bail, and given permission to visit his team in Britain for 4 days. Here's more.

    On Tuesday, Hong Kong businessman Carson Yeung, has been given permission to travel to Britain on bail.

    Yeung was charged by a Hong Kong court late June, for money laundering roughly 95 million US dollars. At the hearing in Hong Kong's district court, the Judge doubled his bail to over a million US dollars.

    Yeung will be on bail from September 15-19th. He'll spend the time visiting his English soccer team, Birmingham City.

    Yeung is head of the Hong Kong-listed Birmingham International Holdings Ltd., owner of the English soccer team. He plans to visit new club manager Chris Hughton, as well as the board, players and fans.

    The pre-trial review is set for December 7th, with the real trial beginning early next year.