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    Leaked Video Names Chinese Officials Spying for Foreign Governments


    by NTDTelevision

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    A video showing a Chinese General discussing cases of high-ranking Chinese officials spying for foreign governments has been leaked on the Internet. In the video Major General Jin Yi'nan talks about officials, including ambassadors to foreign countries such as Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Many of these spies were charged with corruption rather than spying, to avoid embarrassment for the Chinese regime.

    This video appears to show a private presentation to students by Major General Jin Yi'nan. Jin discusses several cases of Chinese officials spying for foreign governments. According to the BBC, the video, complete with presentation slides, comes from China's National Defense University, where Jin is a Lecturer. It was probably intended to educate defense students on the perils of corruption.

    Yet this video found its way on to the Internet, posted on the popular video sharing site YouTube and other Chinese Blogging services.

    Jin discusses the case of Li Bin, former Chinese ambassador to South Korea. Li was put in prison on corruption charges, yet Li's actual crime was spying for the South Korean government—a charge deemed too embarrassing for the Chinese Communist regime.

    [Jin Yinan, PLA General]:
    "This is a big scandal for the Communist party, the lightness of Li Bin's sentence, just seven or eight years, why? It was to save face. If you look across the whole world, which country's ambassador serves as another country's spy? Other people's don't, but ours does."

    Jin goes on to speak about Cai Xiaohong, the former Secretary-General of the Chinese Regime's Liason Office in Hong Kong. He was secretly sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2003, for providing information to the U.K.

    Ben Hedges