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    European Florist Competition Comes to the Czech Republic


    by NTDTelevision

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    The European florist competition “The Europa Cup” is a prestigious event only held once every 4 years. This September the competition will be hosted by the Czech city of Havirov. Our correspondents in the Czech Republic bring us the details.

    This is the first time the Czech Republic is hosting the European Championship of Professionals in Floristics, or Europa Cup.

    The Championship will be held in the city of Havirov.

    We visited the Czech entrant Jaromir Kokes in his studio to find out how he feels about the fast approaching event.

    [Jaromir Kokes, National Florist Champion]:
    “This year's Europa Cup has six contest tasks. The disciplines always conform to the particular country where the competition is held.”

    Which discipline was the most challenging to prepare?

    [Jaromir Kokes, National Florist Champion]:
    "Symphony in Blooms' - that's the biggest decoration, inspired by the work and life of (the composer) Antonin Dvorak. I had a gorgeous metal grand piano made for me that weighs about 400 kilograms.”

    Some of the competing countries are renowned as true florist powers. As Jaromir explains though, Czech Republic is not among them. In fact, Jaromir is only the second Czech contender ever to participate in this championship. He admits he is a little bit jittery.

    [Jaromir Kokes, National Florist Champion]:
    “Yes, I feel nervous but I've chosen such creations where I can do what I enjoy with material I'm used to so there shouldn't be really anything to take me by surprise. This is only the second time for a Czech contestant to compete at the European Championship. It's like a great premiere for me.”

    Jaromir decided to find everything he needs for the Cup in his homeland...