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    Firefighters Put out Diesel Oil Tank Blaze in Dalian, China


    by NTDTelevision

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    Firefighters have put out a diesel oil tank fire that started on Monday in Dalian city, in China's northeast Liaoning Province. The blaze started Monday morning. It was caused by a blast in a connecting pipeline between two oil tanks. Here's more.

    A team of firefighters succeeded in putting out a diesel oil tank fire that started on Monday morning in the coastal city of Dalian in northeast Liaoning province.

    According to local authorities, an explosion in a pipeline linking two oil tanks triggered the blaze. The storage tank contained about 900 tons of diesel oil at the time.

    Nearly 900 firefighters and about 200 fire engines carrying more than 500 tons of foam helped to extinguish the fire.

    Six firefighters sustained non-life-threatening burns, but no deaths were reported.

    Environmental protection measures were put in place to check the quality of air and surrounding seawater. And a reservoir was built to store wastewater to avoid polluting the nearby sea.

    The refinery is owned by PetroChina—a subsidiary of the China National Petroleum Corporation—and is China's largest oil producer.