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Teaser 45 Stance Kitesurf DVD magazine

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Um Barco Nas Ondas, a boat trip across Cabo Verde with Mitu Monteiro, Bertrand Fleury, Tuva Jensen & Camille Juban

N.A. Blend Part 2, the second part of the North American crew with Brandon Scheid, Billy Parker, Eric Rienstra, Sam Medysky & Jon Van Malsen

Revolutionnary Holidays, the second episode of the Children of Revolution series, featuring Thomas Paris, Florian Daubos, Tom Hebert, Louis Hutter and many more

Galinhos, a trip across Brasil with Hugo Guias and Mat Judic

Beach Boys on the snow, A snowkite trip with Jeremie Tronet and Mallory de la Villemarqué

and much more

song : Chasqui Runner - Years Around The Sun​track/​chasqui-runner

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