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Nick Barker Interview (Benediction @ Eisenwahn Festival 2011)

il y a 7 ans1.1K views

Hectic Case met - with its partner Metalchroniques -, Nick Barker right after the Benediction gig at the Eisenwahn Festival, not far from Frankfurt, Germany, on July 29 2011. He speaks about the death of guitar player Jesse Pintado - tolling for the death of Benediction -, and about its reformation thanks to the invitation of the Damnation Festival. He tells us how he managed to make his child's dream come true, about his experience in Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir. He does also give us some news about the next Lock Up tour.
Also, as everyone shall know, Nick is from Birmingham, he therefore expresses himself about being a musician in the cradle of Heavy Metal.

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Nick Barker Interview (Benediction @ Eisenwahn Festival 2011)
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