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    Lion Face Painting Tutorial - YouTube

    Face Paint

    by Face Paint

    "Step 1: Use a sponge to put yellow face paint over the entire face except the chin and around the eyes over the eyebrows. Make ears with the chisel brush and yellow above the eyes.
    Step 2: Use white face paint and a chisel brush to create the muzzle (above and below the mouth) and paint the eyes.
    Step 3: Use a medium brush and brown face paint to create the mane of the lion in the middle of the forehead. Also use the medium brush to add fur to the outside of the mask.
    Step 4: Use black face paint and a medium brush to add a triangular kitty nose. Add a line down on the upper lip and three dots on either side. Continuing with black face paint and a small brush, add whiskers and outline the top of the eyes. Continue with the black face paint and outline some of the fur and mane.