Crown Jewels Funny ad - Straight Talk

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Celia C

by Celia C

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  • Add to You loved the Straight Talk prepaid service - you will love it even more with Android! Still the same great coverage, low prices and best value for money - now with the Samsung Galaxy Precedent.


LOL! Freaking love this commerical - I saw it last night on AdultSwim and my fiancee and I were just cracking up. I noticed at the end of this commerical they have an Android phone which looks pretty cool. How much are selling it for since I think Metro has a similair phone and its I think $200 with them...
By SarahFallon 3 years ago
LOL I really like this ad............its funny! People do not realize how much they can save with Straight Talk! I was on contract for quite awhile and was paying over $100 monthly as I had to use 411 daily for work purposes which has such high costs, I now use ST unlimited plan for $45 and all my 411 calls are free. Who has used the Android cell phones and how does the phone handle?
By Americo2011 3 years ago
Does anybody know whether or not this phone runs on Verizon, or Sprint's network? I know it's a CDMA model phone (which is cool with me), and months ago I would've easily said; well on Straight talk, that would mean Verizon", but apparently tracfone have signed a partnership with Sprint also...
By Dyesetter 3 years ago