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    Lady Gaga, Other Artists Face Chinese Regime Download Ban


    by NTDTelevision

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    Pop performer Lady Gaga is in trouble with China's Ministry of Culture, but not for what you might think. Her music is on a list of 100 songs that must be banned from Chinese music download sites by mid-September. The songs on the list must be deleted because they haven't been approved by the ministry.

    Officials from China's Ministry of Culture have ordered online music download sites to delete a list of 100 songs. The list contains six Lady Gaga songs, including recent hit "Judas." Others include "Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry, and even this Backstreet Boys song from 12 years ago.

    If download sites do not remove the 100 songs within two weeks, they will face unspecified punishment. According to the Ministry, the purpose of the deletions is "national cultural security." They said the songs had not been approved for distribution.

    In theory, the Communist regime attempts to regulate every single piece of music, art, film, or literature entering Chinese society. In practice, it cannot possibly track down all such content.

    Even specific bans like this one are likely to be ineffective--more and more Chinese have access to technology allowing them to jump the Internet firewall, evade censorship, and, among many other things, listen to whatever music they please.