Advertising Console Spam Filtering Demo


    by junkblocker

    20 views Tired of all the spam? Our spam filter service offers an email security solution for your personal, small business or even a large corporation's domain(ie. all email Our filtering service prevents spam & viruses from even getting to your servers email software. All emails domain-wide will be protected from these burdens and threats. This junk causes a huge unwanted load on your network costing you money on resources for things like storage, CPU, labor ect. We will scrub your email and send you only the good clean email. This is done all on our hosted 'cloud' service which means you will not need to purchase any hardware or software, you will collect email exactly as you do now so there are no major updates needed and no learning curve. If desired you will have use of a very high-tech yet easy to use admin console which allows for viewing in-depth and stunning visual statistics of your email.