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    WOSILA - 7


    by OduduwaTV

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    Ay Otolorin
    Lol where is this Wosila girl from?! she is not sharp at all.. She keeps falling in the wrong hard... Do people get pressurized this easily.. Na wa ooo.. They make some of us that's in school abroad look stupid oohh lol... Non-ambitious set of people.. Mtchewww...
    By Ay Otolorin4 years ago
    call an ambulance are ono she s shouting wosila wosila
    some people wicked o..thats why white people are miles better than us does the fact that she has made mistakes mean you as her aunty should now desert her?

    na london dis kain wicked breeze day blow so??lool
    By lucabracee5 years ago