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    Immense Z | Trickshot Masterclass | Righty Tighty

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    Immense Z
    Trickshot Masterclass.
    Righty Tighty Trickshot Tutorial.
    Modern Warfare 2.

    Trickshot Masterclass Is an In-depth Trickshot Tutorial Series.
    Furthering the explaination of shots that are in Trickshot Academy.
    Hopefully the voice explainations in these tutorials and more time to explain each shot should help out more.
    (All private match kills obviously).
    No need to learn how to play claw, all trickshots will be done holding the controller normally.
    Shots will range from beginner to advanced tricks.

    If you can't read something in the video you can always up the quality to between 480p & 1080p and also enlarge the video itself (:

    Button Layout - Tactical
    Sensivity - 9

    Request - Please comment with any requests of shots you would like to see a tutorial for.

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