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    Dark Resurrection Vol. 0


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    This film is a tribute to Star Wars.It was co-produced by hundreds of associate producers from all over the world.You can be one of them for Dark Resurrection Vol.2

    Master Sorran, is obsessed by his search for an ancient civilization which, according to legend, holds the secret of immortality. After many years he lights upon the wreck of the civilisation’s most powerful starship: the Resurrection.
    Sorran ignores the dangers and orders his crew to dock. The explorers and Sorran himself will face the mysteries of the Resurrection and the secret of the origins of the dark side.

    Volume 0, Volume 0, in the original script written byAngelo Licata and Fabrizio Rizzolo, was only the prologue of Volume 2. After months of post-production, we realised that the material deserved to be properly developed as it tells interesting stories about the past of evil Lord Sorran and the mythology of Eron; fulcrum of the entire story.