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    The second left hand - Sparkle of your mind

    benoit de moncuit

    par benoit de moncuit

    126 vues
    A soft electro dreamin track.
    A simple filtered piano and then an arpeggiator.

    Live version of "sparkle of your mind" extract from the last Ep of the second left hand out on i-tune, spotify or deezer.

    Two keyboard are added to the original version of the track.
    Free download here :

    The second left hand is an electro project under the influence of Four tet,
    Air(French Band) or Sparkletone...
    It's the new side-project of Benoît de Moncuit aka Obeno (Logos Recordings,
    Big Mama Recordings, Shazam Recordings) for his compositions describing
    softer atmospheres threw harmonies.
    more information :