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    Concert Peace and love cowboys su le montpellier Beach Masters 2011

    Beach Masters

    par Beach Masters

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    Rock Membres
    Pascale Olivier - Lead Singer-
    Lawrence "Lord Nemesis" McGuire - Rhythm Guitarist-
    "Heavy Duty Rudy" - Drums
    Thomas "the Hordecall" - Solo Guitarist-
    Originaire de The Globe
    Maison de disques None yet. Sign us !
    À propos de
    The Peace'n'Love Cowboys, a group playing original songs, were created 6 months ago thanks to randomness and south of France chaos. They have emerged from the cocoon of the Globe, some kind of mysterious bookstore in the center of Montpellier. Lawrence McGuire, the mastermind of the shop, but also an american musician for more than 20 years reunited here a solo guitarist of whom legends say nothing yet, Thomas "the Hordecall", to add extra damage to the songs. Then came "the Crusher" (whose real identity has yet to be discovered - don't ask him), who took control of the drums of the band pretty much like a massive two-handed flamethrower axe would cut through butter. They were having fun until Pascale Olivier, songstress and lead singer, came in, and took control of their minds in order to create the final version of the Peace'n'Love Cowboys. She decided to take the drug money from the males and actually invest it into recordings and equipment, which surprised the musicians who were as drug-addicted as if they were reknowned rockstars. Mixing North Carolina songwriting with solos from a Montpellieran young psychedelist-in-training was already something, but adding the Crusher's mystery through drums and giving all that package to the most rational woman ever was some kind of challenge.
    Lieu actuel Montpellier
    Directeur général Pascale Olivier
    Passions du groupe Having a good time.
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