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    Adult ADHD - Why ADHD Can Cause Compulsive Lying?


    by qrtwhall12

    1 895 views First of all, what is compulsive lying? The word “compulsive” has to do with feeling compelled to behave in a certain way, even if you consciously don’t want to. Most natural human processes like hunger, drowsiness, or arousal come about outside of your control. This is how you might consider compulsive lying to be – it’s more like an automatic response than something that you can consciously affect.
    So, how does compulsive lying occur in adult ADHD patients? Whereas someone without ADHD has the ability to formulate a decision about whether to tell the truth, those with ADHD often react in one of the following ways:
    1) They tell an exaggeration of the truth.
    2) Their mind mistakes the truth for something else entirely.
    3) They repeatedly lie in the hopes of avoiding punishment, rejection, or other negative consequences.