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    Bunion and Hammertoe Treatment - San Francisco Podiatrist Un


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    Bunions and Hammertoes Treatment Options - San Francisco Podiatrist Union Square CA
    Dr. Bill Metaxas discusses the symptoms, causes and treatments of Bunions and Hammertoes.
    What are the Treatment Options for Bunions?
    When bunions are causing mild to moderate pain, the simplest solution to try is a wider, more accommodating shoe. This includes lower heels, softer leather, wider toe boxes and gym shoes. Cushions may provide relief from shoe pressure over the prominence. Anti-inflammatory medication may also provide relief.
    When the bunion is painful despite the conservative therapy options or you cannot find shoes that are comfortable, surgical correction should be discussed with your podiatric physician. The longer surgery is delayed in a symptomatic foot, the greater the amount of arthritis that develops, and the more complicated the surgery becomes. Patients who have their symptomatic bunion corrected earlier tend to have greater satisfactio