Out-of-Sight Release for Chinese Democracy Advocate Lu Gengsong

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Chinese democracy advocate Lu Gengsong was released from prison on Tuesday. He had served a four-year sentence for subversion. Yet in order to keep the release quiet, Chinese authorities placed other local activists under house arrest. NTD spoke with Lu and his family about the unusual release.

It could have been a day of celebration for Chinese democracy advocate and political writer Lu Gengsong when he was released from prison on Tuesday. But Chinese authorities were set on keeping his release out of the public eye.

Authorities put under house arrest other local activists, who may have wanted to meet Lu at the prison gates.

[Chen Shuqing, Zhejiang, Democracy Party Member]:
“Today, before it was even light, there were people monitoring me. When the time was just after 8 am, they came and took me to the police station, then, when I hadn’t even been there for half an hour, they took me home in a car. Outside my building several people continued to monitor me. I guess most of the people who wanted to welcome Lu Gengsong out of prison were unable to go.”

They took Lu out of prison in a police car before dawn. They only allowed his family to see him once he had returned home from the prison gate.

[Lu Gengsong’s Daughter]:
“At 3 am, the prison guards wanted to release him from prison, but my father didn’t agree, in the end they were deadlocked until after 4 am, and after that they got some armed police to come and forced my father into a car. According to the law, his family members must meet him, but we weren’t able to meet him outside the prison. So we ended up deadlocked with the prison guards outside. In the end we came home, and only then did the police allow us to meet him.”