Régine Zylberberg

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1. Nounours
2. La Grande Zoa
3. Les petite papiers
4. Patchouli Chinchila
5. Ouvre la bouche feme les yeux
6. Les Femmes ca fait pede
7. Raconte moi Dandy

She was born in Belgium to Polish-Jewish parents.

Started life hiding from the Nazis in occupied wartime France and later invented the format for the modern-day "discothèque" (French for Nightclubs). Setting place in 1953 the elements of modern day nightclubs, mainly by replacing the use of jukebox by coupled turntables as done for the first time in Paris' Whisky a GoGo dance club that she managed at age 24 in 1953; the club had been originally started in 1947. This specific setting appeared later in any of 'Chez Régine's ultra selective venues and later in many variations at most Nightclubs around the world. The Paris Whisky a GoGo was the inspiration for the later establishment of the Whisky a Go Go nighclub in Los Angeles.