Renaissance Art Exhibit Kicks-Off in Berlin, Germany

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Museums from Berlin and New York collaborate to show off their latest collection - the faces of the Italian Renaissance. The exhibit will be open until November in Berlin before heading off to New York city.

New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA) teamed up with Germany's major museums to put on a stunning exhibit on portrait art from Renaissance Italy.

On Wednesday journalists were given a sneak preview of the exhibit, which shows off some of Italy's greatest painters, the day before the official opening.

[Keith Christiansen, Curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York]:
"Berlin has a great solid section, a selection of portraits, paintings, medals, sculptures as does the Metropolitan. And we felt that if we put out holdings together, we could use this as a basis for then going to other museums and asking for loans which otherwise neither of us could hope to get."

The exhibition demonstrates the evolution of Italian portraits during the 15th century with some 170 pieces of work including paintings, sculptures and sketches.

One of the highlights of the exhibit is Leonardo da Vinci's "Lady with an Ermine" from 1489/90, which has been lent by the Prince of Krakow.

[Prince Adam Karol Czartoryski of Krakow, Owner of "Lady with an Ermine"]:
"The first time I saw her, I saw a photograph because it was during the previous government in Poland and everything had been confiscated so the only thing I saw of the lady was the photograph but then when I saw it personally in Krakow in the 90's, it was amazing."

It's the third time the MoMA and Berlin's State Museums have collaborated.

The exhibition will be open from August 25 until November 20 in Berlin's Bode Museum.