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    Horse History: Caligula and Incatitus

    Candace Kahn

    by Candace Kahn

    316 views Horse History with Action Rider Tack - Deidre shares the story of Emperor Caligula and his horse, Incatitus. Legend states that at one point, Caligula actually appointed his horse to the Roman Senate! It was in fact to prove the point that the Roman Senate didn't have any power, but Caligula's love for his steed is legendary. In fact, he had his horse robed in purple blankets and had his stable made of marble and veneered in ivory. There's more in the video!

    By the way, at Action Rider Tack, we can help you pamper your horse too...we just don't have the marble and ivory. LOL!

    Be One With Your Horse! (TM)