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    Hong Kongers Protest High Security During Li Keqiang's Visit


    by NTDTelevision

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    There was another protest in Hong Kong on Monday night, after a visit by senior communist official Li Keqiang last week. That visit drew backlash from Hong Kong activists. They say local police took away their right to protest during Li's trip. Beijing has long been criticized for trying to clamp down on freedoms in the special administrative region.

    Chinese leader Li Keqiang may have already left Hong Kong, but anger over high security during his trip continues this week. On Monday night, the League of Social Democrats marched to the police headquarters, criticizing the Commissioner of Police for bowing to the communist regime.

    [Andrew To, Chairman of the League of Social Democrats]:
    "Hong Kong's people right to expression and demonstrate has been severely deprived!"

    Li Keqiang concluded his three-day visit to Hong Kong last Thursday. Although the trip drew several groups of protestors, many say Hong Kong police were out in excessive force to stop them.

    The League of Social Democrats became a target on Thursday, when its members tried to carry a prop coffin to commemorate those who died in the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. Police stopped the protestors, tore up the coffin and confiscated it.

    [Andrew To, Chairman of the League of Social Democrats]:
    "We're under a one country, two system framework. Don't use the methods in the mainland here in the free Hong Kong society. You shouldn't use those methods to affect Hong Kong people's freedom of expression. We have the right to demonstrate, and the right to assembly."

    Monday night's protest came after an earlier one on Saturday. About 300 journalists condemned Hong Kong authorities for preventing them to freely report on Li's visit.