Rock-a-Bye Baby Nursery Rhyme (Lullabies for babies)

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The popular nursery rhyme "Rock-A-Bye Baby Lullaby Song" Lyrics: Rock-a-bye, baby On the treetop When the wind blows The cradle will rock When the bough breaks The cradle will fall But mama will catch u Cradle and all Baby is drowsing Cozy and fair Mother sits near In her rocking chair Forward and back The cradle she swings And though baby sleeps He hears what she sings Hush a by baby Up in the sky On a soft cloud its easy to fly Angels watch keep watch Over as u sleep So hush a by baby Dont make a peep Rock a by baby Do not u fear Never mind baby Mother is near Wee little fingers Eyes are shut tight Now sound asleep Until morning light Download Hooplakidz Songs on iTunes: Become a Hooplakidz Fan on Facebook: ;


I watched the movie at this link :
By averageleader81Js1 February
ummah to who made this VDO thank u
By Shaikh Nasir last year
I love that you posted this lullaby with Mommy catching the baby. I have always sung this to my children this way for the last 20 years, because I didn't ever want to scare the children by saying they fell, some nursery rhymes and lullabies really don't make sense for kids if you listen to the words or know the background. However, I wanted to say thank you for putting this to video. Great Job! Scottie&Mommy
By Djemila Macklin last year