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    Interview: MEP Liberadzki on Ukraine energy sector reforms


    par EUXTV

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    Ukraine has been a member of the European Energy
    Community since February 2011, and is now only
    several steps away from a major overhaul of its energy

    Announced privatisation of energy generation and
    distribution assets is seen as a way to boost
    modernisation of energy infrastructure -- in a country
    where 90% of thermal plant power blocks and 20% of
    distribution networks need to be replaced.

    However, much work still needs to be done to make the
    upcoming reforms a success.
    • What is needed to mobilise the investment
    necessary for the upgrade of the energy
    system? What can attract responsible and
    committed investors?
    • What will be the impact of the reforms on the
    domestic energy market, related sectors, the
    whole Ukrainian economy and security of
    supply? What benefits are there for
    • What relevant lessons can be learnt from
    the past history and current models of
    liberalised energy markets in Western

    Invited contributors include:
    • Bogusław LIBERADZKI, MEP
    • Paweł ZALEWSKI, MEP
    • Natalia KOROLEVSKA, Member of the
    Ukrainian Parliament
    • Petro OMELYANOVSKY, President, NJSC
    "Energy Company of Ukraine"
    • Alexander TOLKACH, Director for External
    Affairs, DTEK
    Georgi GOTEV, Senior Editor,
    Ross MELZER, Director Public Affairs,
    12.00 -- 12.30: Lunch and Networking
    12.30 -- 13.45: Impulse statements and open debate
    13.45 -- 14.00: Conclusions