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    T.I. - I'm a king


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    Rich Mundo
    While Denzel was Filming, I was cleaning up Garcia and Vega Cartons, How the hell yall gone sale and smoke Weed, Keep the trap boomin, maximize profits, if u selling Burgers, U need to Be a Vegetarian, and If u Selling Veggies, Eat the Beef wheter Carne or Niggas sneak dissing who Go Hard, then start Singing, Boy what was they Thinking or Drinking to think they could Get at Me, Yeah Al Capone was aight, But Pablo went harder, Built his on jail, so he never did house arrest, Niggas think I dont give props, Naaaw holmes I just pull cards, SO tell them niggas that put the scar on my face, They whole pedigree couldnt afford to by my vanity, I know White Girls who would kill u if u tried to take they Gucci Purse, and they aint clutching it cause u black, They know its a lifestyle, Oh Yal know about that, and I aint talking bout them White Lab Hood Rats either, u know the kind who life gutter dudes, Bitch I got STD Free Heiresses rolling with me. We get bitches checked out, and if they in
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    Rich Mundo
    Holmes be a KING, All Capital, Why drop the throne, these dudes just wanna be it, but U beat it, Like MJ, All Three with the exception of the disease, so tell them to LIve They LIfe, I dont say Im a KING, But SInce These Atlanta Black Crackers, thinking they running, I had to go to BUckhead bumping Tip, With my Shirt off, Period, These boys dont want none of that, I was Off The Plane, before the Wright Brothers got it off The Ground, These Niggas Just Lame, No Need to mention names, thats what They wish for, I want him to say my name, SO instead of Calling them Hoes, Call them Destiny's Children, Dreaming of A million, Niggas think I was cleaning them toilets, cause I wanted to be around Some niggas that call they self the Mafia, What Pac Said, I dont say gunshots to TUT, cause I father that Nephew, Not Him or they scenario, My shit is Canario, These Niggas Mike Vick Pitbulls, fighting each other for Scooby Snacks, Now What Yall Know about That?
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    sisi thx homie
    Par SODMG DARKFILOUIl y a 9 ans
    bien le clip
    Par AnisIl y a 9 ans