Dr. Michio Kaku Americans Are Stupid !!!!

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You know why the pope doesn't retire because somebody would say I made the pope retire is there anybody in this court that didn't notice the first leader of the Catholic Church In six hundred years retired two weeks after a Tunguska notice I smoked that sixteenth you have yet to even fathom I made the pope retire Prescott fire george double you was my secret service first pope in six centuries retires fourteen days after the single most highly unlikely celestial super bolide airburst Tunguska event ever predicted by a biblical prophet named Chris in more places than religion would attempt to hide before that Vatican Denys ever being interested in celestial events see ke ester seek Easter see e star being witnessed by everybody on the entire planet as it came to pass a star that stopped brighter than the sun am I too soon i don't think you nailed the Christchurch quake at all next time you have a feeling ring the C tv news guys please aswell ask yourself on question do I feel lucky we'll do ya pope @pontifex do you think "well do ya pope" indexed before I made the pope retire well do ya pope rat zing the tv news guys please where's your Ararat zinger what is a nazi driver that knows the car was hitlers gimme all your gumballs 3000 dotcom would be kim dot deux through Pyongyang down to here did you hear after i successfully predicted seismic events that Rome arrested scientists that didn't predict seismic events and were sentenced to prison for failing to forecast earthquakes the scientists incarcerated for Jesus Christchurch Canterbury tsunami yag i sanriku you wait Fukushima is the pacific plate recently been sentenced to prison for not predicting earthquakes jesus Christchurch Canterbury christopher Michael Simpson made him the first pope in six centuries resign two weeks you say a Tunguska notice not ice relinquish ... on the effective date of retirement, the office of pope because I said so with two weeks Tunguska notice Benedict denies he was "forced" to resign in rare Response to dotcom wouldn't be named dotcom if he weren't playing me on tv for another country Former Pope Benedict, in one of the few times he has broken his silence since stepping down, two weeks after a Russian meteorite pointed in his direction made him not only feel lucky but actually up l night to get lucky as well in a move that shocked the Catholic Church and made headlines around the world.
#i made the pope retire https://tinyurl.com/iamjesuschrist
By Christ May