Honey Exhibit Kicks-Off in Kyiv, Ukraine

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Honey is not just a sweet treat, but it also has many other uses. Our correspondents in Kyiv caught a glimpse of honey's healing properties at an exhibit in Kyiv. Here's more on the story.

Beekeepers are honored at a honey exhibit in Kyiv. Beekeepers from all over Ukraine gather to present their sweet goods.

[Nadejda Chehovskaya, Beekeeper]:
"This is buckwheat honey. It has a strong taste, but it has more healing properties because it increases the hemoglobin in the blood."

Honey and acacia helps with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Honey from the lime tree, mixed with Echinacea strengthens the immune system.

But, the special healing properties lie in other bee products. Ointments and tinctures are made of beeswax, pollen and royal jelly and can cure a variety of illnesses.


Special properties have drugs made of propolis, a substance that allow bees to disinfect their hives.

[Alexander Grinchuk, Beekeeper]:
"This ointment is perfect as an analgesic and for healing wounds. Apply it on wounds, cuts, and even eczema. Propolis acts as a natural antibiotic."

[Anna Varavva, NTD Correspondent]:
"Those who want to heal their gums can buy a box of honey. Break off a piece of honeycomb and chew it. This is good for the mouth."

Here is another application of honey - honey massage.

[Elena Grinchuk, Beekeeper]:
"Honey massage is very useful because when honey penetrates into the pores, it absorbs all the toxins and waste products. We pull all of it out and the pores are cleansed."


[Elena Grinchuk, Beekeeper]:
"We see here this gray substance. This is waste and toxins."

[Unidentified Customer]:
"It's nice and feels refreshing."

And after the massage, you can wash yourself with honey soap.

All these therapies can certainly make your life feel sweeter.

NTD News, Kyiv, Ukraine